Help facilitate a nature walk at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress

Shuo  Zhang
Shuo Zhang • 11 June 2024

We are looking for someone Edinburgh based to co-faccilitate a nature walk for the Royal College of Psychiatrist's International Congress. 

You will be co-facciliating with members of the Planetary Health and Sustainability Committee. We hope it would be a great opportunity to share your learning and promote a local green walking project with a network of mental health professionals.


The session will be on Monday 17th of June at 6:30pm. 

 ( details of the conference are here: )

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Judith Anderson
Judith Anderson

The two people we knew of in CPA who might have helped can't I'm afraid. It is such short notice. I hope the event goes well anyway

Shuo  Zhang
Shuo Zhang

Thanks so much for reaching out! It was really short notice, sorry- we got approached by the conference organising committee about it quite recently. We managed to get something simple together, and it was actually very well received as I think people appreciated being outside after a day of sitting down in talks!

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